GBeeTechive stands at the forefront of technology, offeringa dynamic spectrum of services that seamlessly integrate both IT and Edu Techdomains. In the realm of Information Technology, our innovative solutions span CouldServices, Web-3.0, Fin-Tech, software development, web and full-stackdevelopment, digital marketing, graphic design, UI/UX development, and medicaldatabase management. Committed to driving transformative change, we extend ourexpertise into Education Technology, revolutionizing learning environmentsthrough initiatives like the Power Isolation/Connectivity Project and theQuecca Internship Program. Our Edu Tech services also include the Persona LabApplication and Digital Libraries, democratizing access to knowledge, while theSmart Schools - LMS Project establishes e-learning environments and enhancesteaching methods. Together, these services embody our dedication to excellence,innovation, and positive societal impact, shaping a future where possibilitiesare limitless for businesses, educators, and students alike.


Web Development

Fixing problems with your website, redesigning it, andadding tools, themes, and content to your existing website or creating yourwebsite from scratch, our website development incorporate both frontend andbackend skills.


UI/UX Designing

A great user experience is vital for the successof any digital product. Most mobile apps fail due to complex user experience,poor performance or higher bounce rate. A dedicated UI / UX design team isassigned to understand product idea, perform audience research and simplifyuser journeys


Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing process drives growth through strategic campaigns, SEO optimization, engaging content, and data-driven analysis. Achieving increased brand visibility, lead generation, and conversion rates.


Medical Documentation

In the realm of healthcare, precision, and security are non-negotiable. GbeeTechive's expertise in medical database management ensures that healthcare providers can focus on patient care while wemanage the intricacies of data organization, security, and compliance.

Main Service

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Coursera Courses

GbeeTechive Partners with Coursera and provides Free coursesto individuals to enrich their skills. GbeeTechive in collaboration withCoursera provided a number of free courses like MERN STACK Development, GameDevelopment, Mobile Application, Cloud Architecture, and more.

With this, GbeeTechive has offered:
1. Certification from world-renowned Universities. Upto
2. Million interest-free loans for qualified individuals.
3. 100%Job Placement for best performers.
4. The top 5 trainees had got a chance to travel to the USA and meet some of the top company’s CEOs.

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GBeetechive is a world-class, purpose-driven consultancy firm focused on driving consumer adoption of digital strategies and solutions, with core specializations in Website Development, Digital Marketing Strategies, Tele-Health, Bookkeeping, and Health Transcriptions

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